• Model Name: MUW-B9
  • Model No.: MUW-B9
  • Power consumption: 12W
  • Luminous Flux: 300
  • Life Span: >50,000 Hours
  • IP Rating.: IP68
  • Certificates: CE, UL,ROHS,etc
  • Payment Term: T/T, L/C
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty time

1. Super-class high power LED which is encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heat dissipation structure.
2. Waterproof (IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, and Environment-friendly.
3. High luminous efficiency, life-span 50,000 hours
4. Operate low voltage 24VDC
5. Cover and housing are 304# stainless steel (316# is available)
6. Safe, Energy saving.
7. Purity color and more than 16,770,000 kinds of color output

This product is suitable for pool as the colorful illumination for water surface, Marine LED lighting,water column and fountain, to produce reflection and color mixing, a beautiful and decorative lighting effect.
1. Don't use in the place corrosive, flammable or explosive
2. Please don't leave the water when it turns on.
3. When the lamp lights, don't envisage it.
4. It must be installed by professionals.

Product Name

LED Underwater Lamp

Model No.


LED Light Source


LED Quantity


LED Luminous Efficiency

300lm max

Lamp Total Power


Power Efficiency


Beam Angle


Input Voltage




Control System


Storage Temperature


Working Environment

-20℃~+45℃  10~90%RH

Lamp Body Material

304 Stainless Steel

IP Rating


Net Weight


Gross Weight

3.9 Kg

Product Dimension (mm)


Package Size (mm)



MUW-B9 - LED Underwater Lights

A critical letter about the use of chemical pesticides on its lawns in 2008 led to a series of steps and decisions at Farnsworth Art Museum that culminated with a resolution to become a leader in environmentally sustainable practices. Converting the entire museum from halogen to LED light bulbs was a major part of that decision.

The effort will make the Rockland, Maine, institution one of the first—if not the first—art museums in the nation to use LED lighting for all of its galleries. The lights will dramatically reduce the museum’s energy consumption, allowing the Farnsworth to allocate more funds for programs and exhibitions.

For the LED project, the museum has partnered with MIC Lighting. The revamping will not only help protect displayed artwork by reducing the potentially harmful effects of standard lighting on works of art, but it will also provide budget relief while promoting a healthier environment by reducing energy use.

The Farnsworth currently has over 480 bulbs in its galleries with an average of 75 watts per bulb. The museum hopes to replace all of its 75-watt halogen bulbs with 15-watt LED and 14-watt CFL bulbs. The resulting savings on electricity is estimated to be $15,800 annually. Additionally, with the reduction of unwanted heat that the LED and CFL bulbs will provide, the project is expected to produce a savings of 127,950 unwanted BTUs per hour, and a savings of 10.6 tons per hour of cooling.

As part of the collaborative agreement with MIC, the bulbs received third-party independent testing. With the test outcome more successful than expected, MIC has agreed to assist the project with a commitment of more than $13,000 towards material costs. That commitment gives the Farnsworth confidence that the project is a worthy one and will assist MIC in their goal to provide greater access to energy-efficient products for businesses.

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