• Model Name: MSL-S24
  • Model No.: MSL-S24
  • Power consumption: 24W
  • Luminous Flux: 2500lm
  • Life Span: 50,000Hours
  • IP Rating.: IP65
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS, UL, PSE, etc
  • Payment Term: TT & LC
  • Warranty: 3 years

Solar led street lights are fresh alternative to traditional street lamps such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights. LED lighting provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED solar street lights are environmental friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. This smart, 'green' option for outdoor LED lighting has emerged on the green scene due to the recent technological advancements of LED illumination.

But the 'greener' option for you is the solar street light powered by sunlight. Solar led street light recycle green energy lighting system. LED Solar street lights are of energy saving and environmental friendly, which can be used for residential, road, park and so on. High quality solar panel of MIC solar street lights absorb sunlight and convert into electricity energy, then charges maintenance-free battery and finally LED solar street lights automatically on when day off, auto-off when day break.

The working principle of solar street lights is:
Solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity to drive LED solar street lights.

The whole system of solar street lights is mainly composed by:
LED street light, solar panel, lead acid battery and solar street light controller, pole. (suggest 60W solar street light with 6-8m height).

Because of different weather condition in different country and different requirements from different market, so the specification of each part of the whole LED solar street light system, especially solar panel and battery, are depending on following factors:

•Average local daily sunshine hours.
•Working time of the solar street light system per night.
•Backup days of the solar street light system during rainy days.

The MIC LED Solar Street Lights:

1). Light Control

2). Original American CREE LED

3). Original German Controller

4). 5 Years Warranty for the Solar Panel

5). 3 Years Warranty for the Battery

MIC Solar Street Lights present the perfect and cost-effective solution for residential streets, park, roadways, outdoor LED solar street light applications areas in almost 130 countries around the world.


Model No. MSL-S24
Total power consumption 28W
Daily working hours 10 hrs
Peak sunshine duration 4.5 hrs
Continuously rainy days 4 days
Interval between rainy days 20 days  
Solar panel 100W/17.5V 1PC
Battery 180AH/12V 1PC
Solar controller 5A/12V 

MIC LED Streetlights, revolutionary innovative technologies have created a new times of LED Lighting!


 MIC high power LED street lights, major revolutionary and innovative technologies have created a new times of outdoor LED street lighting!

**Super rated high power LED street lights to replace the traditional light source:

**green environmental protection and energy efficient;

**Rectangular beam pattern design, realizing high intensity, high uniformity, and eliminates glare;

**360 degree rotation lamp holder design, replace the conventional lamp directly, save costs, and easy maintenance.

MIC High Power LED Street Light Model MSL-A24

With generous appearance, novel and unique, the high power street light MSL-A24 was designed for the street lighting demand and fully meets the special requirements of street lighting. This product adopts the high power LED's as the light source, using dozens of high power emitters of 1 watt per LED. With the world’s leading optical allocation, advanced thermal, structural and circuit design, it is a highly cost-effective LED street light product.


The high power LED street lights adopt the high reliable eutectic welding LED packaging process, the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion, and mechanical soundness standard are higher than the ordinary silver epoxy packaging. Excellent heat dissipation design, LED junction temperature can be controlled in an ideal temperature (Tj < 70°C).

Fully guarantee and long life of the LED. High power factor and low harmonic distortion reduce power loss on transmission lines, avoid high frequency interference contamination power networks. Adopting surface anodization lampshade (lens) using engineering plastics PC, with resisting acid corrosion, smoke corrosion, ultraviolet aging characteristics.

Apply to replace: High-pressure mercury lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps.
Apply to install: Expressway, highway, roads, sub-roads, sidewalks, square sport grounds, industrial plants, and other advertising lights.

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