• Model Name: 36w led street light bulb
  • Model No.: MSL-E36
  • Power consumption: 36W
  • Luminous Flux: 3600lm
  • Life Span: 50,000Hours
  • IP Rating.: IP60
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS, UL, PSE, etc
  • Payment Term: TT & LC
  • Warranty: 3 years

MIC E40 30w led street light (MSL-E30)By using the world groundbreaking Pipe Cooling Technology, we achieved a better coolant system than regular aluminium. Optimised fluid evaporation and condensation to transfer heat and apply our thermal controlled air-cooling technology, our E40 LED light is more powerful, compact, bright and has better heat dissipation.

*Unique Integrated lens and cover design. Special arrangement of the lens provides a better light focus, greater light efficiency. This special design also reduced the weight of the LED lamp system, making it extremely compact and easy to fix.

*The first E40 designed by controlling the temperature of high power LED street lights. Temperature controlling systems protect the LED light and achieve a longer life-cycle. When the temperature is higher than 70°C (+/-5°C), the temperature controlling system is active to provide protection by lowering the current by 50%. When the temperature drops to 50°C, the current will be adjusted back to normal. 

*Using a common standard base, which is adjustable to a full 360 degree angle, it can be rotated as needed to any angle after the lamp is tightened to achieve the best lighting position. With its light weight and compact appearance,our high-power LED street light can effectively reduce the air resistance and its weight on the pole, increasing the safety factor.

*Supplied through an AC-DC driver, gives a stable current and a continuous temperature control system. The intelligent controlling system embedded in our LED lights will accurately provide continuous current even when the power supply is unstable.

*Wide Working Voltage (85-260 VAC) Use PWM technic,  efficiently, lower thermal, more accurate.

*Non-polluting to the power supplying network. Power factor≥0.9, THD≤20%, EMI is up to par with the global standard. Reducing energy loss and avoiding high frequency pollution to the power network.

*Combined with Solar Energy, our LED street light is highly energy-efficient and always works reliably at low voltages. Also can combined Solar Energy with main supply according to your local Solar Energy source.

*High Luminous efficiency. The LED's Luminous efficiency is more than 90 lm/w, and it can reach as high as 200lm/w when LED brightness increases dramatically. At this point, HPS 400W will be directly replaced by 60W LED streetlight, and it will achieve even better energy savings when it reaches a level of 300lm/w.

Typical Applications:
*Superhighway, roadway, pathway, garden, Park, stadium etc.It is also used for solar power directly.
*Energy saving high power
LED light  to replace the traditional CFL, HPS and LPS bulbs


MIC issue new led street light with best heat dissipation !

 MIC 30W E40 LED Street light Specification:




Light Source

36  LEDs  BridgeLux LED Chip      

Luminous Flux


Rated Wattage


LED Luminous Efficiency


LED Initial Flux(Instant on)

3600 lm ±10% ( Tj=25℃)

LED Lamp Maintain Flux

3500 lm ±10% ( Tj=70℃,Ta=25℃)



Lamp's Efficiency ( %)

>93 %

Rated Voltage

85-265VAC, 50/60Hz

Color Temperature

WW(2700~3800K), NW(4000-5000K) or CW(5500-6700K)

Beam Angle



50,000 Hours  


Dia124mm*  L275mm      

Body Temperature

<70℃@Ta=25 ℃

Recommended Replaced Bulb

100W HPS   

Operating temperature


Power Efficiency


Working Voltage

48VDC ±5%

Power Supply


Color Rendering Index(CRI)


Height 1m


ɸ 3.46m

Height 2m


ɸ  6.90m

Height 3m



Height 4m


ɸ 13.75m

Height 5m



Height 6m



Height 7m



IP Rating


Net weight


Gross weight


Package size 

33 * 13 * 13cm/pc, 12PCS/CTN, G.W.:15KGS/CTN   56*43*36CM/CTN


MIC LED Streetlights, revolutionary innovative technologies have created a new times of LED Lighting!

 MIC high power LED street lights, major revolutionary and innovative technologies have created a new times of outdoor LED street lighting!

**Super rated high power LED street lights to replace the traditional light source:

**green environmental protection and energy efficient;

**Rectangular beam pattern design, realizing high intensity, high uniformity, and eliminates glare;

**360 degree rotation lamp holder design, replace the conventional lamp directly, save costs, and easy maintenance.

MIC High Power LED Street Light Model MSL-A24

With generous appearance, novel and unique, the high power street light MSL-A24 was designed for the street lighting demand and fully meets the special requirements of street lighting. This product adopts the high power LED's as the light source, using dozens of high power emitters of 1 watt per LED. With the world’s leading optical allocation, advanced thermal, structural and circuit design, it is a highly cost-effective LED street light product.


The high power LED street lights adopt the high reliable eutectic welding LED packaging process, the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion, and mechanical soundness standard are higher than the ordinary silver epoxy packaging. Excellent heat dissipation design, LED junction temperature can be controlled in an ideal temperature (Tj < 70°C).

Fully guarantee and long life of the LED. High power factor and low harmonic distortion reduce power loss on transmission lines, avoid high frequency interference contamination power networks. Adopting surface anodization lampshade (lens) using engineering plastics PC, with resisting acid corrosion, smoke corrosion, ultraviolet aging characteristics.

Apply to replace: High-pressure mercury lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps.
Apply to install: Expressway, highway, roads, sub-roads, sidewalks, square sport grounds, industrial plants, and other advertising lights.

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