• Model Name: MJD200-3-3
  • Model No.: MJD200-3-3
  • Power consumption: <8w
  • Luminous Flux: >400cd
  • Life Span: 80,000hours
  • IP Rating.: IP65
  • Certificates: CE,RoHS,UL,FCC,etc
  • Payment Term: TT & LC
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty time

Cobeweb lens makes LED traffic lights quite nice-looking and bright but not dazzling through secondary distribution of luminous intensity. In addition, ray of light will be even-distributed. Failure of one of the LEDs will not affect the overall performance. Our LED traffic lights have passed the quality test by Traffic Products Test Center of the Ministry of Public Security and approvalof CE and GB14887-2003 of PRC. LED traffic signal lights that are up to ITE or SAB standard are also available in MIC traffic light.


The featured LED traffic signal consists of two ball lights and two arrow lights. We supply if needed a different choice of either a cobweb lens, small lens or x-lens for ball light. For arrow light, either a small lens or x-lens can be provided.


Model Light Color Quantity of LED (pcs) Luminous intensity(cd) Wavelength (nm) visual angle Rated power consumption Input Voltage Lamp body material Product Size  (mm)
Left/Right Down
MJD200-3-3 R 61 ≥400 625±5 60 20 ≤8 AC: PC 750X 250X 140
Y 61 ≥400 590±5 60 20 ≤8 85-264V 50Hz/60Hz
G 61 ≥400 505±2 60 20 ≤9

Vehicle traffic light installation diagram

MJD200-3-3 - LED Traffic Light

LED Traffic Light Project in Guatemala

Guatemala is located in Central America. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west, Mexico to the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador to the east.

After several years' cooperation, the clients from this beautiful country have installed lots of traffic lights and intelligent controllers there, which makes the transportation much safer and m ore convenient. Here follows some pictures taken by our clients and we would like to express our appreciation for their work.

With the extension of our traffic items in the near future, we believe MIC will provide more competitive products and better services to our customers worldwide. And our independent site for traffic products is coming soon.

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