• Model Name: MP-0312- 50
  • Model No.: MP-0312- 50
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Luminous Flux: 3240lm
  • Life Span: 50,00hrs
  • IP Rating.: IP43
  • Certificates: CE,ROHS,UL,etc
  • Payment Term: TT&LC
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty time


1. Energy saved up to 50%. high intensity
2. Instant start, no flickering, no humming
3. New inner high efficiency (95%) With heat protection system, the constant current driver can work under unstable voltage.
4. Special circuit design, each LED can work separately thus it can avoid the influnence that a broken LED causes.
5. Working Temperature:-10~ 40
6. No electric wave.
7. No such hazard that mercury or lead enters the environment
8. No RF interference

Factories & Offices
Commercial Complexes
Residential/Institution Buildings
Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed.


MIC led panel lights:

300*300mm 16w led panel light                    300*300mm 20w led panel light

300*600mm 20w led panel light                    300*600mm 28w led panel light

300*900mm 22w led panel light                    300*900mm 34w led panel light

300*1200mm 33w led panel light                  300*1200mm 50w led panel light

300*1200mm 60w led panel light                  600*600mm 32w led panel light

600*600mm 43w led panel light                    600*600mm 50w led panel light


Product Name

300X1200 Panel Light

Modle No.


LED Light Source

Hight brightness SMD 3528

LED Quantity

480 LED

LED Luminous Efficiency


Lamp Total Power


Power Efficiency


Beam Angle

110 degree

Illumination and Effective Area



Height 1M

490±10% Lux

Height 2M

160±10% Lux

Height 3M

90±10% Lux

 Color Render Index (CRI)


Color Temperature(CCT)




Input Voltage




Power Factor (PF)


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Storage Temperature


Working Environment

-20℃~+45℃  10~90%RH

Lamp Body Material

Aluminum Alloy+ optical PMMA

Product Dimension (mm)


Package Size (mm)

470X1270 X70mm

MIC LED Panel lights Instation Manual


2.Suspened Type:

If the ceiling couldn’t sustain the weight of LED panel light, please choose this kind of installation using steel cable

as follows:

3. Installation on the wall or ceiling directly.

1. Drill 4 holes of Dia.3mm on the wall or ceiling accordingly.

2. Fix the expansion bolts into the holes.

3. Wring the screws to fix the Led panel lights onto the wall or ceiling.

4. Put on the plastic caps.

5. Connect the external driver.

MIC led panel light is one of best selling products, super thin,high lumens,best color uniform, greatly welcomed by worldwide customers.

Size: 600*600mm led panel light,300*300mm panel light,300*600mm led panel lighting,60*120cm led ceiling panel light


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