Date: 2012-04-19

MIC led panel light is one of best selling products, super thin,high lumens,best color uniform, greatly welcomed by worldwide customers.

Hospital LED lighting gived an important expression to the modernization of the hospitals, when the hospital lighting solution cases are stipulated, all kinds of lighting treatment requirements needs not only to be taken into consideration ,but also the patients' reaction to the lighting environment. It's better to avoid patients' uncomfortable and annoyed feelings which were occurred by the layout or the beam angle of the lights,trying to creat a harmonious and comfortable place for resting.
Our 300x1200mm led panel light, 300*600mm panel led light,600*600mm led panel lighting were put into application on the corriders and office spaces of Shenzhen Tongren Gynaecologic Hospital.

Size: 600*600mm led panel light,300*300mm panel light,300*600mm led panel lighting,60*120cm led ceiling panel light