Distribution Photometer

GO-2000 distribution photometer is a highly automated testing system for optical distribution, which can achieve the CIE C-γ and B-β measurement program at the same time, mainly use for test led indoor lamps, outdoor lamps, flood lights photometric performance.


Integrating Sphere

An Integrating sphere (also known as an Ulbricht sphere) is an optical component consisting of a hollow cavity with its interior coated for high diffuse reflectivity (i.e., white), having relatively small holes as needed for entrance and exit ports. 


IP Rating Test

As we know, our led street lights will be use exposed in the air, so we must insure it is waterproof, we did all the IP rating test in our lab, and of course, we will also send our products to the third party lab and supply user a better credible reports.


Vibration Test

After our led street light install on the road, the trucks will give a very strong vibration to the lamp pole, then transfer to the street light more stronger vibration, so we must make sure all the components in the diver, or leds on the board will be no problem.


High & Low Temperature Test Machine

High temperature is up to 60 degree, the testing products will have a testing of 16 hours. then low temperature testing minus 20 degree with 8 hours, totally 7 a cycle. For this testing is to make sure MIC LED Products are suitable for high temperature and low temperature location.

Salt Spray Test Machine

To test anti-rust, anti-acid & alkali, anticorrision of  the aluminum alloy, screws, stainless steel, etc components of led light products.