Enterprise Spirit: Honesty, Respect profession, Innovation, Value

For company, keep business secret, be loyal and devoted;
For customer, keep credit and sincere service;
For self, be the equal of our word;
For colleague, cooperate sincerely and trust mutually;
For goal, strive to reach, realize promise;
For task, fulfill on time, never delay.

Respect profession:
For work, respect and devoted;
For skill, study and train, keep improving;
For quality, entirely control, with meticulosity;
For question, willing to consider, good at improving;
For responsibility, actively assume, never shirk;
For management, participate together, manage by system;
For conception, create the innovation instead the old form.

For conception, honor the innovation, disgrace the outdated;
For method, actively giving resolution and improve;
For skill, challenge experience, intrepidity for the new;
For management, dare to reform and improve;
For technology, diligently search, aim at master;
For market, strive for researching and create the new market.

For company, create wealth, share value;
For self, exceed and get progress;
For customer, offer satisfied service, win trust;
For superior, work hard, get authorized;
For underling, teach, care, and bring up;
For society, dedication and responsibility.